Just a typical bulldog ... with a not so typical life.


Developing Character & Empowering Lives One Paw At A Time

K9 Character Development is an engaging and interactive program that promotes excitement for reading while inspiring and equipping students to value themselves and others by developing a positive self-image. This grade K through age 9 program reinforces the theme of The Frankie Files book series while combining the learning principles of YouthMAX Plus. Students will be equipped to be leaders today, by developing the skills necessary to build strong relationships and add value to others while being a positive influence in their families and community.

3 Important Letters: Y.O.U

  • Y – You are important!
  • O – Only you are you!
  • U – Understand who you are!

Stand-Up & Be Counted

Diminish the Power of the Bully

  • Lift Up
  • Stand Up
  • Pick Up

The Kind Connection

  • Lift up others
  • Add value to others 
  • Each day, be kind to others

Your True Strength

  • We are not defined by what people think of us.  
  • No limitation, environment, nor situation defines your level of success. 
  • Everyone must live to be their true self.

Failure is Important to Success

  • Everyone fails, but no one enjoys failing.
  • Failure is essential to success. 
  • No one can succeed if they never believe in themselves.


Partnering with Schools, Organizations, Churches & Clubs

Large and Small Group Settings

Grade K - Age 9

Interactive and Engaging Programs

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 As founder and developer of   K9 Character Development, and the author of the children’s book series The Frankie Files: Stories of a Misunderstood Bulldog, I use my gifts of writing, speaking and creativity to be a positive influence in the world.   

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 Frankie is a titled AKC Therapy Dog, registered and certified in conjunction with national and local pet therapy organizations.

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K9 Character Development

Developing Character & Empowering Lives

One Paw At A Time!