Just a typical bulldog ... with a not so typical life.

Meet The Pawthor


Franklin Benjamin Jessee

Franklin Benjamin Jessee, more commonly known as Frankie B. on social media and the popular book series “The Frankie Files - Stories of a Misunderstood Bulldog”, is a typical bulldog with a not so typical life, and not so typical friends.      In addition to his doggie friends, he also enjoys socializing with goats, pigs, donkeys, ducks, geese and even guinea pigs to name a few from his crew.     Frankie is a certified National Crisis Response K9,  titled AKC Therapy Dog, registered and certified in conjunction with national and local pet therapy organizations, and co-founder of Franklin and Friends Pet Assisted Therapy Partners.  When he's not napping on the couch, he, along with his handler, provide volunteer services in deployment schools, hospitals, children's advocacy centers, hospice, and many more facilities and organizations.    Frankie is a passionate writer and author of children's books filled with stories that are ageless and messages that are timeless.  He has discovered that some humans misunderstand the true character in his heart, based on his outward appearance.  From his snorts and snores to snotty sneezes, belly burps and out of breath wheezes.  His lack of observing personal space, and silent gas that will clear any place. An underbite like no other, and his teeth hang out just like his mother. But what's on the outside, only you can see, isn't as important as the inside should be.  Frankie knows that's the best part, simply because it comes from the heart.