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My name is Julie and I love helping special needs English Bulldogs. I live in Missouri and have worked in the criminology field for 26 years.

I am the Founder of Opie's Special Needs English Bulldog Rescue to help special needs English Bulldogs with medical care and finding home placement. I work diligently in my rescue to find quality homes for bulldogs and do network with others in rescues for contacts, home visits, transports etc. I home bulldogs anywhere in the United States to a home that I approve. There is an application process and I am looking for special homes for special bulldogs.

I mainly am homing special needs English Bulldogs that have spina bifida, incontinence, blind, deaf, seniors, etc........I am NOT a breeder and I DO NOT sell puppies.

My rescue is unique in that I have a lifetime contract and require 4-5 updates a year per bulldog that I adopt out. I also pay for all spay/neuters at around age 10-12 months and provide wheelchairs, braces and prosthetics for life. I also provide networking and assistance for the families that adopt from me so that they can network with other families with special needs bulldogs.

Any current special needs bulldogs that I am networking can be found in my "albums" folder with their name and information. Each case has their own album with pictures/info. The album would be marked "AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION". Always check my page often as things can change day to day.

I just want to be able to help what bulldogs I can................it may not be hundreds in a year's time, but even if I help one.................it matters and makes a difference.

I track all my correspondence on bulldogs that I am networking through my email..............that is julie12901@hotmail.com.

If you have a special needs English bulldog that is need of help anywhere in the U.S., please contact me by email or the inbox of this Facebook page........I may be able to help you find resources in your local area or if needed the bulldog can be transported to me, but I try to keep bulldogs in their local area if possible.

If you need assistance with a special needs dog and have general questions, I will be glad to help you or get you guided in the right direction.

If you are a rescue and need help with a special needs English Bulldog, please contact me by inbox on this page or the email listed.

If you have a cart/dog wheelchair to donate, please message me!!

Thank you! 

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